Which Dispensary Near Me is the Best?

How to Easily Find the Best Marijuana Deals Near Me

Do you want to find marijuana deals near you? With the ever-increasing wave of legalization, it has become much easier to find legitimate sources for your needs. In fact, now there are apps for that. Craigslist and other, similar sites lead to less-than-desirable interactions with shady people. If you want both quality and confidence in your purchase, however, more reliable sources must be sought.

If you just want to score, the odds are high that you will find someone in your neighborhood or even in your office building who will sell it to you. In states where it remains illegal, many still have to resort to questionable people who deal in the shadows behind big box stores.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for people in legal states, either. Heavy taxes have caused significant increases in price. As a result, sleazy dealers can stay in business; however, if you want something better, this article is for you.

How can you find the best, safest marijuana deal near you?


Many sites, like allbud.com and weedpons, offer coupons when purchases are made. These are usually printable coupons with discounts on specific products, such as concentrates or waxes, and are usually for specific quantities of marijuana. They also provide coupons for specific stores and name brands.

Deals of the Day

Where it’s legal, other websites can direct you to links where you can find the best deals of the day in your town. They provide choices between stores and locations where possible, and they may promote certain brands or strains.

Price Gouging

Another insight from Potguide is how supply and demand can affect prices even in places where marijuana has been legal for a while. In Colorado, Denver is a hotbed of dispensaries, but as you move away from Denver, they become much more rare. As a result, marijuana prices increase drastically as you move away from Denver. Similar forces are in effect in Las Vegas Nevada, Northern California, Portland Washington, and other legal states. As a result, one should plan to buy before moving away from the population centers.

Shopping Local

There are many websites that list deals in specific cities. LeafBuyer and WeedTrue, for example, offer coupons and cover deals at stores and pharmacies in specific Colorado cities. As legalization continues, these innovations can be expected to spread along with it.

Store Sites

Just like every other industry, marijuana dispensaries and stores are developing their own commercial websites. These sites can be handy for both new and regular users, and will likely become even more useful and professional looking as competition increases. As of now, they stick with their customers’ preferences for sites that are easy to navigate and clear about inventory.

Find a Local Buddy

Potguide recommends finding a buddy in the legal state you plan to visit. Some legal dispensaries offer discounts to those with in-state drivers’ licenses. Your buddy may also have local knowledge of the stores and where the well-priced product can be found. Since marijuana has a shelf life just like any other plant, dispensaries will lower the price on marijuana that’s near expiry so they can sell it quickly.


Again, just like every other industry, marijuana stores and dispensaries gear up with specials for the holidays. Merchants often have sales and push product in the weeks leading up to 4/20, so you can cheaply stock up then. They also have Green Friday (AKA Black Friday, but with pot) the day after thanksgiving, and they do pre- and post-holiday sales to clear their year-end inventory.


Some medical dispensaries in California offer a one-time discount for first-time customers filling their prescriptions. This will likely spread to other areas where only medical marijuana is legal, because fewer sources are competing for a narrower market.


The deals aren’t limited to just the pot itself. Uber and Lyft both offered special deals in Denver this past 4/20, in a campaign that was partially organized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They cruised around town in green cars and offered a discount of $4.20 on every ride.


If you have a favorite strain or family that you want to keep using, you can always google deals for that strain. There are entire websites devoted to specific strains such as Kush, Sativa, Indica, and many others.


For people with green thumbs, raising your own cannabis is in the cards because the supplies to do so can be found easily. You can find irrigation equipment, seeds, lights, and literally everything else needed to raise the plants on the internet. Even Amazon and eBay can be found selling harvesting equipment and smoking accessories, with many pot-related items openly for sale on both sites. There are also marijuana-specific retail sites where you can take part in a more in-depth exploration of high quality products to suit special needs.


It is technically illegal to purchase marijuana seeds online in most states, except for a few very narrow purposes. That said, vendors ship seeds easily, and you’ll find numerous outlets online. Penalties for getting caught are likely not high at all, but you may want to check local laws.

In Conclusion

If you live somewhere that marijuana has been legalized, you can find many ways to reduce your financial burden while keeping yourself in good supply if you know where to look. Online, opportunities for deals can be found at every geographical scale, from local to national. With more and more states choosing to legalize, and the head-start enjoyed in currently legal states, there will be further innovation in accessibility, apps, and conventional websites, all driven by fierce competition in the cannabis sphere.

So, in states where marijuana is legal, it can be easy to find the best marijuana deals near you. In areas where it is still illegal, there is now enough legitimate business for you to explore until it is legalized in your area.