Las Vegas Strippers To Accept Cryptocurrency

The lack of women in the male-dominated world of cryptocurrency has dominated recent crypto talk. However, the latest females crypto representation, Las Vegas strippers, are not exactly what some women had hoped to see. Even so, strippers who accept Bitcoin are an excellent example of how cryptocurrency allows women to control their finances without the worry of typical banking issues.

Crypto Dancers

The Legends Room, a strip club in Las Vegas, opened last year, and it offers its clients and dancers a rather unique way to conduct financial transactions – Bitcoin. The club’s dancers can accept Bitcoin directly from clients via an in-house BTC ATM and temporary QR tattoos, which serve as a wallet address. Visitors simply scan the QR code tattoo with a smartphone and send the Bitcoin.

This unique situation provides something that many adult entertainment venues can’t – a way to keep transactions completely private. In fact, these cryptocurrency transfers don’t show up on credit card bills, which is certainly one major pro for people who visit tech savvy location.

Is Crypto Adult Entertainment’s Future?

Patrons aren’t the only ones who benefit when the club facilitates easy crypto transactions for adult entertainment. Dancers also find themselves in a positive situation. Now, they no longer have to explain where they got the often-large amounts of cash a shift can accrue.

Big cash transactions are often a problem that dancers face. In fact, exotic dancer Summer Chase explained, that certain banks that actually shut down dancers accounts because they work in the adult entertainment industry. While she declined to say which banks, this can certainly become a problem for entertainers who are forced to rely on banks to conduct financial transactions, which is where crypto comes in handy.

Dancer Brenna Sparks said that customers love to pay for her services using Bitcoin. She said she really enjoys that the clients she gets are so into cryptocurrency. She thinks it’s a smart thing to know a lot about.

Sparks also enjoys checking her crypto balance often. She likes to keep an eye on her investment portfolio every single day.

Jumping into crypto at age 19, the now 26-year-old dancer believes that crypto is the future for adult entertainment workers. In fact, she believes it’s the perfect way to get paid for the type of work she and her co-workers do. Sparks believes the peer to peer, anonymous, instant nature of crypto lends itself perfectly to the adult entertainment industry.

Even DJs get in on the cryptocurrency wave in adult entertainment. DJ Saint Clare, who receives cryptocurrency for part of her salary, said she really felt the concept of accepting crypto for part of her salary was different in a good sort of way.

No doubt it’s quite different, but it certainly does lend itself to this type of venue. Can you see using crypto and scanning a QR tattoo to pay for services rendered in Vegas? Let us know what you think in the comments below!